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More weeding

April 6th, 2011 at 18:11

The new allotment is being created out of a huge patch of weed-infested ground that includes Himalayan Balsam, dock, buttercup and grass. The former is straightforward as it is an annual but the latter weeds are a huge pain to deal with. So after digging an area just to break up the soil it has to be forked over to remove as many roots as possible.

This is long and time consuming business with little more than two square yards possible in thirty minutes when the going is really bad. It pays dividends in about three years when things get easier but it’s really hard work to begin with.

But having done it before, I know that it will get easier so it’s worth the effort and being close to the house means that I don’t have to spend thirty minutes travelling time so can do a bit each evening.

You get a huge pile of weeds and roots at the end of it ‘though.

Long winded way of saying that another small patch of previously dug wasteland was forked over and the rubbish growing within was partially thinned out.

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