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More weeding and digging

June 24th, 2011 at 15:44

Remove a huge quantity of small dock plants, the usual amount of thistle shoots and a large collection of rocks from the area where everything is planted. IT will be better for a dig and fork later in the year to try and remove as many roots as possible. That said everything is doing well including he pumpkins that are just starting to expand out.  All this was done under the watchful gaze of Lucy, our rabbit, who was out in her run.

After lunch it was a session of more digging in another area. I made it to a corner and now have a completed side. The tree stump roots are getting thicker and thicker plus the actual corner had a significant amount of driveway chippings to remove.

It is, however, getting there slowly and every session like today’s moves me a bit closer and tidies up the garden just that bit more.

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