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Peas and tomatoes

June 12th, 2011 at 12:03

Loads done today in a long session. I got the pig wire around my next two rows of peas completed, placed some wire around my runner beans, planted out lettuce and sowed some radish inside that area. Staked up the sunflowers cut my last asparagus. It’s been a very good season for this despite the lack of water. They can all now grow into fronds to supply energy for next year.

I also spent time in the greenhouse clearing out all the areas to allow me to space out the tomatoes. My potting bench, which was formed from three pallets, came apart during the process but it is fixable. After a quick sweep out, I have eight tomato plants in individual pots. Usually I do them in growbags but they are trickier to water so I’m trying this for a year to see what the results are like.

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