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More weeding and digging

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Remove a huge quantity of small dock plants, the usual amount of thistle shoots and a large collection of rocks from the area where everything is planted. IT will be better for a dig and fork later in the year to try and remove as many roots as possible. That said everything is doing well including he pumpkins that are just starting to expand out.  All this was done under the watchful gaze of Lucy, our rabbit, who was out in her run.

After lunch it was a session of more digging in another area. I made it to a corner and now have a completed side. The tree stump roots are getting thicker and thicker plus the actual corner had a significant amount of driveway chippings to remove.

It is, however, getting there slowly and every session like today’s moves me a bit closer and tidies up the garden just that bit more.

Edging work

Friday, June 17th, 2011

Worked my way along the north side of the planting patch that borders onto part of the lawn. I put in some green plastic edging to separate the two areas leaving a gap wide enough for me to get my tractor through from the garage to the back lawn.

The digging work continues although I am getting closer to the old tree stump making progress often very slow. Whether I’ll be able to remove the stump is another matter.

Everything else, save the first rows of potatoes seem to be doing very well although the rather stony ground is proving a challenge for the radishes.

More digging

Saturday, June 11th, 2011

Cleared another small piece of land. The rock hard soil along with the previous house’s owner’s desire to bury stuff like bailer string and chicken wire tended to slow progress down. I am getting there and ought to have a significant amount done by the end of summer.

I also planted out the last sunflowers as they were struggling in their pots. Most of the planted stuff is doing OK with the exception of one strain of first early potatoes. It’s happening at my allotment as well and may be as a result of the frost damage earlier in the year.

Two more rows

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Row of salad onions and beetroot in the newly created area. The soil is a bit lumpy so I’m not expecting miracles but it ought to be reasonably fertile only having had weeds growing on it for all this time. The area left will be home to some pumpkins and courgette plants.

Another area prepared

Saturday, May 28th, 2011

Added another piece of open prepared ground to the small part currently containing potatoes. I had had a carpet down since last autumn and took that up revealing a nicely cleared area of earth. It wasn’t totally cleared as I found while forking it over but the thistle roots are easy to spot and filled up several buckets.

Still, it looks good and the edging is neat and immediately I sowed lettuce and radish. The potatoes are all doing rather well with the second earlies about a foot above the soil now and the main crop just poking their way through.

More forking and potatoes

Sunday, April 17th, 2011

Got my initial patch finally forked with the first round of weed removal. The left over second potatoes plus some that were just hanging around from shop bought ones also went in. I have probably three more rows worth of space and that bed is full.

At least the ones planted a few weeks ago are starting to show which is heartening. The bed is benefiting from the lack of water in that the weeds are being kept down.

More weeding

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

The new allotment is being created out of a huge patch of weed-infested ground that includes Himalayan Balsam, dock, buttercup and grass. The former is straightforward as it is an annual but the latter weeds are a huge pain to deal with. So after digging an area just to break up the soil it has to be forked over to remove as many roots as possible.

This is long and time consuming business with little more than two square yards possible in thirty minutes when the going is really bad. It pays dividends in about three years when things get easier but it’s really hard work to begin with.

But having done it before, I know that it will get easier so it’s worth the effort and being close to the house means that I don’t have to spend thirty minutes travelling time so can do a bit each evening.

You get a huge pile of weeds and roots at the end of it ‘though.

Long winded way of saying that another small patch of previously dug wasteland was forked over and the rubbish growing within was partially thinned out.

New potatoes

Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

This is new in both type and location as I got the remainder of my first earlies planted in the new allotment at home. It seemed like a sensible thing as it will be nice to have new potatoes straight from the ground without a twenty minute journey back.

Preparing for potatoes

Monday, March 28th, 2011

Potatoes are a good way of breaking up soil that has had nothing of value in it ever. Therefore the first crop that will go into the new places will be good old spuds.

Forking through the weeds is a long and tiring process particularly as I only have a border fork at the moment until I finally get around to buying a proper one. Plus there are lots of seriously deep rooted weeds plus last year’s crop of Hymilayan balsam have started to show.

Long term and lots of work but in about three years it will start to look like my allotment currently does.